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Conservation of Forests and Rangelands is a National Requirement with Public Effort


Semnan Natural Resources Department


Attached is a photocopy of the summary sheet of application number 31956, dated 27 Bahman 1382 [16 February 2004], from Mr. Nejatollah Khanjani, executor of the Dez Gereh-ye Afshar Rangelands Project. According to the order of the esteemed general manager, it is appropriate to inform the expert supervisor of the project, to review the above-mentioned rangeland plan, taking into account the construction of the pool in paragraph A of the Tuba plan, and to inform the general administration of the result. 16 Feb. / R


Seyyed Hosein Mir-Emad

Technical Deputy of the Head Office



- Forestry Department, attached herewith is the requested photocopy for information and required action.

- Mr. Nejatollah Khanjani, for information and to refer to the Natural Resources Department of Semnan City.


[Handwritten note at top of the page:]

33121 – 7 Esfand 1382 [26 February 2004]