[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Islamic Azad University

Hamadan Unit



Islamic Azad University

In the Name of God


Code: 526

Date: 1 Aban 1392 [23 October 2013]

Serial Number: 1/M/H

Enclosure: Praising the Prophet


Respected director of Faculty of Design and Architecture, Dr. Dejdar

Following our conversation in regard to Mr. Shervin Rajab-Ali and the problems with his enrolment and continuing education, please see that, regarding his withdrawal [from university], his funds are returned to him.

[Signature illegible––official seal of the Office of Herasat[1] in the University]



[Three notes at the bottom of the letter, all dated 8 Aban 1392 [30 October 2013], state the following:


  1. The first note says, “The original should be submitted to the archive to Mrs. Danesh to advise.”
  2. The second note, addressed to a certain Mr. Jafari, states that there is no problem with reimbursing the money. Signature
  3. The third note says, “According to our previous arrangement, since the University has rejected his enrolment, the account will be settled without (taking into consideration) the expenses of withdrawal (from the university).  Signature]


[1] [Herasat: An intelligence service that has an office in every university and government organizations in Iran]