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Engineer Bazargan, beloved Prime Minister

Mr. Afjeie, Office of the Prime Minister


With respect, we inform you of the following.  Justice is the right of all holders of God-given rights, and it befits the government of Islamic justice to fully follow and obey that which it has been commanded regarding the principles of justice, as sent down in the Holy Word of God.

Every judge and Islamic authority is required, when sitting in the position of judgment, to turn toward God and clear his heart from all barriers and prejudices that may keep him from rendering justice, and follow the unshakable command of God, which says in the holy verse:


“O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves”[1],


and put it in front of his eyes, so that no right may be taken away from the oppressed.  The mission given to the Great Messenger [Mohammad], peace be upon Him and His pure and innocent progeny, has been to train the people in godly manners and just action.  In the Ash-Shuraa verse it states:


“I have been commanded to do justice among you. Allah is our Lord and your Lord; for us are our deeds, and for you your deeds. There is no [need for] argument between us and you. Allah will bring us together, and to Him is the [final] destination”[2],


 and in the sacred verse of An-Nahl, it says,


“Indeed, Allah orders justice and good conduct”[3]


After this introduction, respectfully and briefly, we inform you of the following:


The Nawnahalan Private Company, which, in reality is one of the oldest official establishments registered in the commercial records of Iran, has been serving the country and the people in trade-related issues for nearly fifty years.  During this period, it has succeeded in attracting the trust of all of the government authorities and the public, and as professed by the Ministry of Finance, is among the most transparent taxpayers, and it has more than sixteen thousand shares.  About one month ago, without any legal warrant, and despite the memoranda of the prosecutor general of the revolution and the prosecutor general of Tehran, some people, who introduced themselves as agents of Committee number 3, occupied the company building, sealed its doors and prevented it from doing its daily work.  All of the rooms, safes, documents, records, valuable papers and vehicles have been taken, and the accounts of the company in the banks have been confiscated.  They even prevented the payment of wages and tips and New Year’s gifts to [illegible] number of employees of the company on New Year’s Eve.


Given that this company has been a trading party to a large number of merchants, industry owners and other people, and a large number of the students who are studying in other countries even get their expenses [illegible] from the funds that they have deposited in this company, the closing of the company has severely hurt many people and caused them great distress.  In the appeals and inquiries that the company representatives have made with Committee number 3, namely, the individuals who introduced themselves as being agents of your office, when the reason for these actions was asked about, many false and unfair allegations and slanders were leveled against the company.  We seriously and strongly deny these allegations.  Since its founding, this company has kept itself clear of any political issues, and has engaged solely in trade and service activities.  It has not strayed, even to a small degree, from legal and financial ordinances, and for this reason has succeeded in attracting the trust and confidence of the shareholders, clients, and government authorities.  Given that, in effect, at this time, all activities of the company have been halted, and a great deal of irreversible loss has been incurred without any reason, and such actions are against the principles of justice, in order to preserve the rights of this company and prevent the baseless closing of a service-oriented financial establishment, we beseech you to issue an order and ensure that severe actions and pressures and threats of arrests, which will cause great loss to this company and irreversible damage to the economy of the country and trade among the people, are prevented and stopped.  We ask the representatives of that esteemed authority to justly review the affairs and accounts of this company, because whoever is clean in their dealings has no fear of being brought to account.


With expressions of respect 






[1] [Quran:4:135]

[2] [Quran:42:15]

[3] [Quran 16:90]