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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Date:] 12 Dey 1364 [2 January 1986]


In the Name of Merciful God


Esteemed Head of Forestry of the Province of Isfahan


[This is to] respectfully convey that my late brother, Abbas-Gholi Azadi, passed away on 1 Dey 1364 [22 December 1985] at the Khorshid Hospital in Isfahan. Because there was no possibility of burying a Baha’i at the public cemetery, the matter was brought in writing to the attention of the revered Friday imam of Shahinshahr to allocate a place for the Baha’i burial. After a telephone conversation between the Municipality of Shahinshahr and the esteemed governor of the Central Province of Isfahan, I attended [the governor’s] office personally and requested the same in writing. He ordered that the deceased be buried at kilometre 30 of Isfahan-Naein [Road] in the brackish land of Segzi. I asked him for a written order, [and] he said “That is the land of God”. After reaching the place and informing the Office of the Preservation of Desert Sands, we buried the deceased there. Therefore, we are requesting that you kindly allocate a piece of land for this community [as a cemetery]. I also enclose an order from Ayatollah Montazeri, which was issued in a similar case [for your information].



Rouhollah Azadi