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Ministry of Education


Date: 21/12/1330 [12 March 1952]

Number: 536;




The Head Office of Personnel


Mr. Manouchehr Samadani was recruited from 7 Azar 1330, [29November 1951], and worked in a high school. After completing the [employment] documents, it was noted that he wrote Baha’i in the religion column of [the employment] application. In accordance with the letter of 9/59312 - 12 Bahman 1330, [2February 1952], from your office, he was denied employment. The above-mentioned individual now demands to be paid for the duration of his service, which was from 7/9/1330 [29 Nov 1951] to the 15/11/1330, [5 February 1952]. Please instruct that he be paid, according to normal procedure, the appropriate salary for the duration of the service.


Head of the Department of Secondary Education,

Dr. Karimi,