[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Respected Aid Committee of Imam Khomeini


In the Name of God


I, Reza-Gholi Mirza Mohammadpour, birth certificate number [redacted], son of Agha Mehdi, residing at [redacted], have no complaints regarding my debt in the sum of one million, one hundred thousand rials to the Nawnahalan Company.  I am even very grateful to and appreciative of Mr. Hadi Rahmani-Shirazi, the Chief Executive Officer of the [Nawnahalan] Company, for having helped me in every way at a time when I was in difficulty.  At this time, I still have a debt in the sum of the eight hundred sixty thousand rials remaining of the original loan, and I have not paid the interest for a few months.  Given that, due to the slowdown in the market, my financial situation is not good at this time, I request that the corporation agree that I pay a maximum of two thousand tumans (only twenty thousand rials) per month toward the original loan in forty-three payments, and be exempted from paying the interest.


In closing, I reiterate the fact that I have no complaints about the [Nawnahalan] Company or Mr. Hadi Rahmani, and I am always grateful that all kinds of assistance have been extended to me.


Peace be upon those who follow God