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The Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Agriculture

Department of National Forests and Pastures

Head of Forestry, Isfahan Province


In the Name of God

Number: 23315

Date: 12 Dey 1364 [2 January 1986]

Enclosure: Has enclosure


Committee for leasing of land, Isfahan Province, Commission on Article 32

Respectfully, we send you two copies of letters, one dated 12 Dey 1364 [2 January 1986], from Mr. Rouhollah Azadi, which has been recorded in our books under number 23315-12 Dey 1364 [2 January 1986]; [the other] a copy dated 21 Farvardin 1363 [10 April 1383] from Mr. Homayoun Tabiei-Najafabadi, below which is cited the opinion of His Highness Ayatollah Montazari, may God extend his bounties.  We request you to order that the contents of the aforementioned letters be brought up at the Commission on Article 32 and a decision be taken.  In addition, this head of forestry does not see any problems with leasing a piece of desert and dune land in Sagezi, located thirty kilometres from Isfahan, which has been declared as national property and belongs to the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. % sh, 10/12

Mostafa Badrizadeh

Head of Forestry, Isfahan Province



[Handwritten note, number, and date on top of the page]


15 Ordibehesht 1386 [5 May 2007]