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The Vahdat-e Bashar School of Kashan

Established: 1327 [1948]


Date: 17 Mehr 1308 [9 October 1929]

Number:  97

Attachment: -----


To the Exalted Ministry of Education and Endowments, long live its majesty

I would respectfully submit that, further to the correspondence of 3 Shahrivar 308 [1308], [25 August 1929], which was presented to that respected authority to [illegible] request permission for opening the classes of the first cycle of the middle school, along with the required documents, we have not yet received any reply.

The parents of many disadvantaged students who cannot afford to send their children to Tehran gather at the school every day and leave disappointed; meanwhile, the children are left without any work and in a state of uncertainty.

I humbly request that if issuance of permission for the aforementioned classes requires time and lengthy investigations, in order not to prevent the students from [receiving] an education, you may grant permission to open the classes for grades seven and eight, and please order the Kashan Education Department not to prevent the [school] from teaching.

Respectfully- [signature] [Stamp]


[Stamp on top of the page:]

Received by the Office of Public Education, 23 Mehr 1308 [15 October 1929]

Number: 6721

[Stamp of the in the margin of the page:]

Ministry of Education and Endowments

[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

Department of Education

22 Mehr 1308 [14 October 1929]