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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Office of the Prime Minister

Number: 14115

Fair copy date: 21 Aban 1324 [12 November 1945]

Registered date: 26 Aban 1324 [17 November 1945]


Ministry of Justice,

Attached for your attention is a copy of a telegraph from Ataollah Foroutan from Golpaygan, together with a copy of the letter from the police headquarters and a copy of the recently written description by the mentioned person. Please issue an order to investigate the statements, prosecute the perpetrator, provide necessary instructions to the court of Golpaygan and report the results.



19 Aban 1324 [10 November 1945]


[Handwritten note:] Copy has been prepared

26 Aban 1324 [17 November 1945]