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You are respectfully informed:

As it was reported a while ago, I would like to state again that it seems that a school has been established in Kafshgar Kola, in the vicinity of Barforoush, that promotes the perverse [Babi ideology]. This has adverse effects on religion and religious law and ultimately causes problems for the authorities and the government. It is best to seriously investigate and take action to eliminate and repel it, so as to avoid further disturbance and difficulties in Mazandaran and complications in other regions. However, the Ministry of Education advises [illegible] to attempt to eliminate and repel it. Please send a written response so that I may write to the gentlemen in Barforoush.  Mohammad [illegible]


To be held for now

Mazandaran representative has been asked again to investigate; awaiting his response.

23 Dalwa [Bahman] 1303 [12 February 1925]