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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance


Ministerial Office


Number: 135190

Date: 6/7/1390

[28 September 2011]

Enclosure: Attached


In the Name of the Almighty


Dear Mr. Talebpour,


Respected Advisor to the Minister, Supervisor for the Division of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trades


Respectful greetings;


Enclosed, please find for your information and action a copy of a letter and its attachments received from Mr. Payam Vali, reference number 133024, dated 4/7/1390 [26 September 2011], in which “the aforementioned has made a request to the union concerning an expedited review of his application for the renewal of his business license and the relocation of the business, as well as the removal of the seal from the place of his business by the Supervisory Board.”


Please inform this office of the results of the investigation into this matter.



Ebrahim Hakimi,

Advisor to the Minister, and Head of the Secretariat





Mr. Payam Vali, for his information and follow up

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