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31/4/1358 [22 July 1979]


In the Name of God


The Esteemed Governorate of Sirjan County

Respectfully, the employees of the Rural Cooperatives Organization, who support  the Islamic Revolution of Iran and work to fulfill the Islamic objectives, and who are willing to offer up our lives in the fight against any agents affiliated to Zionism/ Imperialism, hereby announce the following.  Since it is the view of the Iranian people that the religion of Baha’ism is rejected , deprecated and condemned as its followers have always tried hard to destroy personal and social freedoms in Iran, and to deviate our youths, and, since the present situation does not leave any place for tolerating such subversions and deviations, we request that Mr. Mansour Shidanshidi, Vice-president of this office, who is a propagator of this perverse sect and who openly propagates Baha’ism  be transferred out of this county.


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