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In the Name of God


The Honorable Head of the Bar Association of Azerbaijan,

Respectfully, I, Nikdel Naimian, a Baha’i residing in Tabriz, would like to inform you that for the past five years the people in charge of Tabriz Vadi-e Rahmat [the cemetery] have been preventing the burial of Baha’is in Tabriz. Generally, after a Baha’i person is deceased, we deliver the body to the morgue in Vadi-e Rahmat, but we never receive any information as to what happens to the deceased.  We are only informed [after the fact] that the body has been buried in another city without our permission.

In view of the foregoing, we are requesting your urgently needed guidance as how to obtain a suitable lot in Tabriz for the burial of deceased Baha’is.


With gratitude,

Nikdel Naimian,


29 Mordad 1395 [19 August 2016]


Address: [Redacted]

Telephone: [Redacted]