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The Islamic Republic of Iran

Islamic Consultative Assembly – The Commission for Article 90 of the Constitution


Number: 14312

Date: 23 Bahman 1363 [12 February 1985]


In the Name of God

The Public Prosecutor of Sari

I respectfully submit the attached letter, dated 13 Dey 1363 [3 January 1985], from brother Ataollah Movaffaghi. Considering its content, please order that a thorough investigation be carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations, and report the results of the measures taken to the complainant as soon as possible

With gratitude,

The Office of the Commission for Article 90



Copy: For information and follow-up of brother Ataollah Movaffaghi, in response to [his] letter dated 13 Dey 1363 [3 January 1985] 

Sari – [redacted]