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Ministry of the Interior

Office: Southern

Area: ------


Dated: 27 Farvardin 1305 [17 April 1926]

Number: 241 Attachment: ------


Esteemed Prime Minister

In response to your letter number 1042, we inform Your Highness as follows. Regarding the incident in Jahrom, as soon as we received the news, telegrammed orders were sent to Shiraz emphasizing that serious action needed to be taken to pursue and arrest the perpetrators, re-establish the order, and give a comprehensive report about the matter and the results of the actions taken. Upon receiving it, we will inform Your Excellency.

Ali Mansour [Stamp]


[Stamp:] Entrance in the Office of the Cabinet of Ministers]

[Month]: 30 Farvardin 1305 [20 April 1926]

Number: 1416