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[Personal information has been redacted.]


17 Aban 1324 [8 November 1945]


Office of the Prime Minister


Mr. Ataollah Foroutan, who is one of my friends and resides in Golpayegan, has written a grievance describing the injustices he has endured, following up on his telegram, which was sent addressed to the honourable Prime Minister on 30 Mehr [13]23 [22 October 1944], and which is enclosed for your perusal.  Please order strict instructions for investigating the matter and bringing about justice for the victim and the punishment of the perpetrators. Kindly inform me of the results. I will be very grateful.


Respectfully submitted,

Ahmad Samimi? [Signature]

Address: Shah Avenue, Laleh Street


[Handwritten note 1:]  Mr. Fakhrayee, please take action 17 Aban

[Handwritten note 2:] Office of Archives, please refer to the background and attach letter number 16242 of [Date:] 6 Dey 1323 [27 December 1944]. 19 Aban 1324 [10 November 1945]

[Handwritten note 3:] [Stamp: Receipt in the office of the Ministers, number: 14115, Date: 19 Aban 1324 (10 November 1945)]