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[Personal information has been redacted.]


City telegram


Mr. Prime Minister,

Copy to Minister of the Interior

Copy to Gendarmerie [Police Force] Headquarters


With respect, we inform you of the following.  Since 25 days ago, at the orders of Khodayar Tahmouresi and Amir Houshang-Bahador, and under the leadership of Habibollah Bahador, who are residents of Meimand and Pataveh, 2,000 people from the Baha’is of Kata and Boyer Ahmadi have been used as a bargaining chip.  To cover their past atrocities, [the perpetrators] have pillaged the belongings of these oppressed ones and have set several homes and mills on fire and destroyed them.  Complaints have been made to various authorities.  However, so far, no real result has been obtained and no preventive action has been taken.  It has now been four days since they brought everything under siege and no one can leave their homes.  Even several thousands of cattle that are in the sheds are in danger of death.  We, the undersigned, are sixty individuals who fled at night and have come to the capital city to appeal to the top-level authorities. Begging your attention, we reach out to Your Highness and implore you to issue strict orders to prevent these violations and alleviate these injustices, so that we may continually pray on your behalf.


With expressions of respect