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The Islamic Republic of Iran

The Islamic Consultative Assembly

[Department of] Secretariat Affairs


In the Name of God


Number: [Illegible]/ T / 9730421

Date: 11/7/1397 [3 October 2018]


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


The Province of Fars, with its historic background as a part of the great Iranian-Islamic civilization, and the City of Shiraz, the third sacred residence of the holy family (peace be upon them), has been at the forefront in preserving and protecting the goals of the Islamic Revolution and the Imam by offering the blood of 15,000 martyrs.  The people of Fars and Shiraz, whose lives revolve around the principle of Velayat[1], have been at the forefront in fighting against the colonialization of Britain and the perverse Baha’i sect.  The honourable people of Fars have lived with utmost dignity and respect in harmony with all religious minorities and monotheistic religions throughout history.

The representatives of Fars Province, along with the Velayat-following people of the province, have always defended the great objectives of the Islamic Revolution of the Imam and the leader, and we consider the occupying, criminal, and infant-killing regime of Israel as the number one enemy of humanity.  We request that the relevant authorities, while preserving the citizenship rights of the individual members of the citizenry of Iran in the context of the Constitution, not allow the perverse and satanic cults and the Baha’i sect—which has been established at the behest of Britain—and their supporters to conspire and act freely, and to fight against the guilty conspirators with strong resolve.  We ask the national and provincial authorities to defend the goals of the Imam and the Revolution through collaboration, unity, revolutionary service, and Jihad.


The Assembly of the Representatives of the Fars Province


[1] [Guardianship of a Competent Jurist]