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[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] 8 Azar 1368 [29 November 1989]

[Issue No:] 805

[Page:] 9


Human Rights, Moral Values or Lever of Propaganda?

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3 - Apart from the differences between the Islamic and Western legal systems, and regardless of the instrumentalist nature of human rights within the thinking system of the American and European political leaders, it is hard to prove the claims about the violation of human rights in Iran, even using their own logic.  Whatever has been published under the United Nations reports of the Human Rights Commission is the best confirmation of our words. This report is based on the talks and interviews with exiled Iranians, such as the members of the Mujahedin Organization and the believers of the Baha’i sect, and those who have prepared the report have not personally investigated the situation of the prisons in Iran. We will later explain separately the reasons for Iran’s objection to their presence within the country’s prisons. They trust the words of the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and by portraying the international smugglers as political [prisoners], and by employing phrases such as “possibly”, “presumably” and “according to the information received from inside Iran”, [they] claim that Iran is not observing the international laws of human rights. Is not the fact that information of this report has been supplied by the Mujahidin and the Baha’is sufficient [proof of] the invalidity of this report? Owing to their opposition to the revolution and cooperation with the enemies of the country and people, they do not hesitate to tell lies, slander, and falsify any news.