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Ministry of the Interior

National Police Headquarter

Number: 35

Date: 21 Farvardin 1323 [10 April 1944]

Transcription of the report of the Police Headquarters of Zahedan


National Police Headquarters,

According to Report number 143 of the Police Headquarters of Zabol, dated 8 Farvardin 1323 [28 March 1944], a group identified as “Hey‘at-e Sahebo-z Zamani” [Board of the Lord of the Age], organized from among the inhabitants and government employees of Zabol, directed by Colonel Behnam, the head of the border police, [and including] Mr. Kaf’ami the clergyman, Sadidi, an inspector of the Department of Justice, Sultan-Shahi, an employee of the Finance Department and others [have recently been meeting] every Wednesday evening at the house of one of the members. Their main purpose is dissemination of religious [materials], but as, Mr. Governor has stated in [his] Report number 2, [dated] 8 Farvardin 1323 [28 March 1944], their main purpose is [something else]. According to the instructions of the governor, the Police Headquarters of Zabol has been watching their activities closely.

These matters are submitted for your information.

The Head of Zahedan Police Headquarters

First Constable, Sari Aslani