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Ministry of the Interior

Gendarmerie Headquarters

Number: 10465/J1

Date: 26 Tir 1324 [17 July 1945]


I respectfully wish to submit that on thefourth of the current month, the Assembly of the Baha’is of Tabriz presented a complaint to this district regarding a number of troublemakers who have been coercing and oppressing the Baha’is of Al-Hashem, in the Village of Khalkhal, have been troubling them and plan to forcibly purchase their livestock and properties at a low price, and have [tried to] force them to move [from Khalkhal]. Therefore, the matter was inquired about from the gendarmerie of Khalkhal. The report from the gendarmerie indicates that in the early days of Khordad [late May], two Baha’i teachers had arrived in Khalkhal, and as a result of their arrival, the inhabitants of Harowabad demonstrated some resistance. At the request of the Governorate Office and the Security Law Enforcement, and with the help of the gendarmerie, the activities of rioters were prevented, but as a result of the effective incitement of the troublemakers’ actions, the mentioned teachers have moved to the Village of Al-Hashem.

At midnight on 9 Khordad 1324 [30 May 1945], the gendarmerie received a report about the aggressive behaviour of Muslims towards the Baha’is. At the request of the governor and Mr. Zakaei, the member of the National Consultative Assembly, four gendarmes, accompanied by the representative of the Governorate Office, were dispatched to the location. They took effective action.

On 13 Khordad 1324 [3 June 1945], at the invitation of the governor general, the local authorities were invited to investigate the statements of both parties. Finally, the Baha’is have promised not to openly propagate their faith and the Muslims also respect the local law and order. Therefore, both parties mentioned returned to their localities.

We again received some complaints. The station commander, in the company of the governor, visited the locality; while [he was] attending to the complaints, it became evident that both parties had agreed that one of them, further to the valuation by a local professional evaluator, will sell its properties to the other party so that the dispute can be resolved.

Currently, the governor has prepared an official report of the case. The station commander has refrained from signing [this] official report [of the gendarmerie] with the excuse that the gendarmerie’s intervention is not legally binding.


At the moment, the envoy of the Governorate and the valuator are at the locality. The commander of the Gendarmerie of Khalkhal has been instructed to keep the law and order of the locality and refrain from meddling with affairs that are not their concern.

The situation of the affairs was presented for your information.    

The Commander of Azerbaijan Gendarmerie at District 2

Colonel Homayoun


The copy of above description, received from District 2 of Azerbaijan Gendarmerie is forwarded for the information of the Ministry of the Interior.


The Commander of the National Gendarmerie Headquarters,

General Khosrowpanah [Signature: Khosrowpanah] 


[Handwritten note 1:] Number: 27163/31, 27 Shahrivar 1324 [18 September 1945]

[Handwritten note 2:] Archives