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The Ministry of the Interior

The Seventh Provincial Governor General

[Date: 4/3/23 – 25 May 1944]

[Number: 479]


Decoded by the Governorate of Abadeh


The Office of the Provincial Governor General


Decoded by Code 4 of the finance secretary, the following telegram without number, dated 23/2/23 [13 May 1944], signed by Mr. Bozorgmehr, stated that:


On the night of 31/2/1323 [21 May 1944] Babajan, the carpenter, was coming to the city through the Saghad Hill pass, where he was attacked by a few unknown people, thought to be Baha’is. As a result, the market of Abadeh was closed. Last night, by the order of the commander of the martial law, a few well-known Muslims of Abadeh, including Mr Mohammad-Ali Masoudi, who is responsible for collecting opium products, were arrested. According to the Finance Department, arresting this person will result in misappropriation of a lot of money from the government’s earnings. On the other hand, this resulted in all workers stopping work, and the shops closing. Today all the shops are closed. A few religious jurists and [blank space in original] came to the Governorate asking for a solution. As the Governorate has no authority or power and it could do nothing, it remained silent and observant.  The Friday prayer imam and Haji Zahirol-Shariat, who had decided to leave Abadeh, were requested to delay their departures. To continue martial law this way without prior research and preparation will produce no results except to create riots and disturbances, which will cause the conditions to deteriorate even more. Therefore, the situation has been brought to your attention, and you are requested to inform the Ministry of the Interior and the governor general of the situation by coded message.




Confidential and Eyes only.  A copy will be sent to the headquarters of the military forces in the South, requesting orders to prevent the worsening of the situation and investigate the matter thoroughly. The result and the views of the respected commander of the headquarters are to be announced.


Caretaker of the Seventh Provincial Governor General

[Number:] 24- [Dated:] 4/3/23- [25 May 1944]


Copy to the Ministry of the Interior to make a decision on the situation, based on the information received.


Caretaker of the Seventh Provincial Governor General



[Margin 1:] [Stamp: registered at the confidential Office of the Ministry of the Interior, number: 492, date: 14/3/1323 [4 June 1944]

[Margin 2:] Political

[Margin 3:] [Stamp: Ministry of the Interior, political Office, number: 4145, date: 14/3/1323]- [4 June 1944]

[Margin 4:] By coded message, ask from Arefi the names of all the Baha’is in Abadeh who work in the government departments, with names and positions, and send it by telegraph. A copy of this letter is to be attached to a letter to the Office of the Prime Minister.