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Copy of the Police Force of Qom report


[Date]:  5/2/13 23[25 April 1944]

Number 43

Confidential, Eyes only



The Respected Governorate of Qom


Further to letters number 31- [dated:] 26/1/1323[15 April 1944] and 34-29/1/1323[18 April 1944], as you are aware, every day some papers and flyers are distributed about a couple of Baha’is who have recently come to Qom and the Jameyyat-e Tarafdaran-e Din[1], attempting to force them to leave this town.  They currently have written a letter and mailed it to the Police, a copy of which is attached for your attention.  Considering that their stay in this city would ultimately lead to disorder, should you agree, a Commission should be formed at the Governorate which should include the prosecutor [and whose purpose would be] to take a firm decision about these individuals.


The Chief of the Police Force in Qom - Major Fatemi

This is a true copy of the original





[1] [Society for the protection of Religion]