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Ministry of the Interior,

The Office of the Seventh Provincial Governor General

Date: 1/11/1323-[21 January 1945]

Number: 239


Confidential, Eyes only,


Ministry of the Interior


In response to letter [number:] S/8862/66099 - dated 16/10/1323 [6 January 1945] regarding the activities of Sheikh Ali-Akbar, the preacher, I report that, as was mentioned last year, there have always been conflicts between Muslims and Baha’is in Abadeh, and often there were demonstrations in order to add to difficulties.

[An example is that] Sheikh Ali-Akbar Naddafian, after completing his conscription service, studied some Arabic in Qom and returned to Abadeh during the tension of the election of the parliament. Some simple-minded people from the marketplace, who considered him to be the Sharia judge, gathered around him and he started prayers in congregation, and preaching, inciting people against the Baha’is and causing enormous difficulties which resulted in the disturbance on 23 Ordibehesht [23/2/1323 - 13 May 1944]. Recently, with the help of Sheikh A‘ma, who had come to Abadeh from Isfahan, he started provocations and wrote to the government departments demanding the dismissal of those who are known to be Baha’is. Strict orders were given to the police force to stop him and, discreetly and using necessary tactics, they prevented his provocative actions. At present, complete peace and order are established in Abadeh.


On behalf of the Seventh Governor General,

Ali-Asghar Hejazi



[Handwritten 1:] [Stamp: registered at the Office of the Ministry of the Interior, Number: 2943, date: 16/11/23]- [5 February 1945]

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