[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of Posts, Telegram & Telephone

Department: Ministerial Office

Office: Secret Code


Date: 19 Aban 1317 [10 November 1938]

Number: 1621 - 9153

Attachment: 1


Confidential – Direct


His Honour, the Prime Minister,

Respectfully, I submit the copy of the report of the Sarvestan Post Office, attached herewith, which has been received from Shiraz, for your information.

On behalf of the Minister of Posts, Telegram & Telephone



[Handwritten note under the letter]


The attached copy is sent for information and investigation to the head of the National Police Headquarters

18 Aban 1317 [9 November 1938]


[Stamp: Registry at the Office of the Prime Minister]

Date: 22 Aban 1317 [13 November 1938]

Number: 11341