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[Adapted from website:] Sisters Seminary in Qom

[Date:] 29 Bahman 1398 [18 February 2020]


Report on the Pre-Session of the International Conference, “200 Years of Violence, Betrayal and Sectarian Superstition”

The pre-session of the international conference, “200 years of Violence, Betrayal and Sectarian Superstition” was held in Al Zahra University [in Qom].

According to the report of the Office Public and International Relations, the pre-session of the international conference was organized by the History Scientific Research Association with the presence of Mr. Hojat Heydari, a member of the scientific committee of the conference.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Heydari gave a history of Baha’i activities in Iran before and after the revolution and explained the importance of the conference.

This member of the scientific committee of the conference, “200 years of Violence, Betrayal and Sectarian Superstition” said that the reason that the organizers of this conference had raised this issue was the continuous and active propaganda of this sect. He pointed out, “This sect tries, by displaying the image of being oppressed and using propaganda tricks, to achieve its main goals, which [are to obtain] official recognition and form a government.”

After explaining the issue and the need to hold such a conference, Heydari referred to the axes introduced by the conference secretariat and enumerated the sub-topics.

Emphasizing the three axes of violence, betrayal and sectarian superstition of this sect, he said, “Baha’is, while presenting themselves as reformist and people-friendly, have committed shocking crimes. It is one of the principles of the beliefs of the Bab and Baha’u’llah that non-Baha’is must be eliminated.”

A member of the scientific committee of the conference, on the subject of betrayal, also pointed to the two key issues of the relationship of the Baha’is with Zionism and their relationship with the Pahlavi regime. He said, “In this regard, the role of the Baha’is in the coup d’état of 19 August [28 Mordad], scientific and unscientific betrayals, including links to various embassies and sabotage against the Islamic Republic, etc., can be considered as important and researchable topics.”

Heydari introduced several books in this field and said, “One can also pay attention to the writings of this sect and can infer from their writings the beliefs and contradictions of their words.”

At the end of the meeting, the audience asked questions and the member of the conference secretariat addressed the basic issue, but due to the extensive activities and movements of this sect in an imperceptible way, we cannot neglect the vision and research in this area, and their movements should be neutralized.

The Islamic Development Office of Qom School of Theology and Shiraz University will hold the first international conference, “200 years of Violence, Betrayal and Sectarian Superstition” on 8, 9 Esfand 1398 [27 and 28 February 2020] at the Shiraz University Conference Centre.