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Governorate of Abadeh

[Date: 3 Ordibehesht 1334 [24 April 1955]]

[Number: -----]


Minutes of the Meeting

According to the invitation number 332, dated 2 Ordibehesht 1334 [23 April 1955] from the governorate of Abadeh county, the Social Security Commission was held on Sunday 3 Ordibehesht 1334 [24 April 1955] in the presence of the following signatories, and in the governor’s hall.  Major Shahamat, the Chief of the Gendarmerie Police station of Dehbid was present at this meeting. On behalf of the governor detailed statements were made [regarding the] maintenance of public order in the Abadeh district. This was fully approved by all gentlemen attendees.

Following much discussion and the exchange of ideas about this issue, it was decided that the police commissioner and the Chiefs of the Gendarmerie [Police] stations of Abadeh and Dehbid be advised to be very careful in maintaining public order and tranquility. If disturbing elements provoke the people against each other and disturb public order in the city and countryside, they should be immediately arrested by the police and handed over to the Social Security Commission with the relevant case files, so that this organized Commission can then take any necessary decision regarding the instigators. In addition, they should report any event and happening immediately to the governor’s office, so that the necessary action can be taken.

Major Shahamat, the Chief of the Gendarmerie [Police] station of Dehbid said, “According to the available records at the governorate, for some time, there have been disputes between the landowners of the Abbas Abad of Ghonghori and the Khvorjan of Bavanat. Due to the vigilance and efforts of the officers, any illegal action against the order has been prevented. After hearing the statements of Major Shahamat and studying the relevant file, members of the Security Commission were of the opinion that given what is known of the situation of the place and the possibility of establishing complete peace, it is better to establish a checkpoint in Khvorjan. Major Shahamat, the Chief of the Gendarmerie [Police] station of Dehbid acknowledged the need to establish a checkpoint in the mentioned village and said, “Because the immediate establishment of the checkpoint under the current conditions and administrative facilities is beyond my authority, allow me, according to the decision taken in this Commission, to inform the relevant authorities of the matter and after receiving their response, submit the result immediately to the Commission.”

The Governor General of Abadeh: Eftekhari [signature] – Chief of Finance of Abadeh: Saheb Ekhtiyari [signature] – Chief Justice of Abadeh District Court: Sharafi [signature] - Chief of Gendarmerie [Police] station: Major Moubed [signature] - Chief of Gendarmerie [Police] station: Major Shahamat [signature] – Police Commissioner of Abadeh: Captain Hekmat [signature]