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Ministry of the Interior

National Police Force Headquarters

Number 64

Date: 20 Ordibehesht 1324 [10 May 1945]

Copy of the Report of Police Force of Zabol


Head of the Police Force of Zahedan and the areas under its jurisdiction,

In reference to your letter [number] 111 of 15 Ordibehesht 1324 [5 May 1945], I would like to convey that, after the necessary preparations, Mr. Sadroddin and Agha Bozorg and other personages were met with, and with extreme care and dialogue, the problems were contained. Molana, by the approval of the governor, was notified to [curtail] contrary discussions. Through necessary means, his actions will come under surveillance. 

Subsequent to investigation, the [legal] file number 776 – 16 Ordibehesht 1324 [6 May 1945] of the clash between Baha’is and Muslims was submitted to the court and four Baha’is were summoned and imprisoned by the magistrate’s office: Sohaili, Ali-Mohammad Eftekhari, Hasan Taeed and Nouri, the son of Taeed.

Today, Nouri was released, but others remain in the prison. Since [we] are investigating to find the principal culprit, I would like to inform you that there were no Baha’is residing in Zabol previously; however, within the past few years, a couple of them have entered the city for business and other activities. The religious preachers and clergy, during their religious conversations, instigate people’s hatred towards the Baha’is, [to the point where] all the residents have become suspicious of this sect, and should they observe the slightest demonstration from them, they will be ready to fight and revolt.


Head of Zabol Police Force – Sarbehr Haghi

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