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Minister of Interior

National Police Headquarters



Date: 31 Tir 1326 [23 July 1947]

Number: 1-/3614/9099




Head of the Prime Minister’s Office


Pursuant to number 7198-/2, [dated:] 28 Khordad 1326 [19 June 1947], regarding the complaint from the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is, we convey the following:

We have received the report from the Shahi police and we respond as follows.  On 12 Khordad [1326] [3 June 1947], a preacher by the name of Bayanol-Hagh arrived in Shahi and began to say some things at the Shahi mosque about the absence of the 12th Imam and against the religion of the Baha’is.  As a result, some people were provoked and began to protest against the [Baha’is].  The relevant police office called in the aforementioned individual and gave him the required warning.  Also, around the same time, a dervish by the name of Kheirollah Sohrabi, son of Alimadad, a resident of Firouzkouh, entered Shahi and started criticizing the Baha’is with the intention of taking action against them which is in contravention to the public order.  But the police prevented it.  The aforementioned preacher is currently preaching and speaking in the areas of Mazandaran and Shahi.


From the Head of the National Police Headquarters, Colonel Hesam Vaziri, [Signature]

[Margin 1:] Record, 3 Mordad 1326 [26 July 1947]-1336/4

[Margin 2:] To be recorded. 26/5/5, (Ahmad Ghavam?)