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Office of the Prime Minister


Date Registered 21/5/1325- [12 August 1946]

Clean copy Date: 20/5/1325- [11August 1946] 

Number: 1610




Mashhad, Honourable Governor General of the Ninth province


A copy of the report from the Ministry of Justice concerning the hostility between Muslims and Baha’is in Zahedan, Birjand and Zabol, which resulted in the murder of an eight-year-old[1] child in Zahedan, is attached for your information. You are hereby directed, in order to prevent such events--including disagreements and fighting--to issue the necessary instructions to the law enforcement officers in those localities.  You are also asked to provide [as soon as possible] a written report detailing the reasons behind these types of events.


Copy in response to letter number 1328, date 29/4/1325[20 July 1936] to be sent to the Ministry of Justice



[Handwritten Note] The copy was prepared: 20/4/ (1325)-[11 July 1956]




[1] [In other documents has been referred to as six years old]