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Governorate of Abadeh


[Number: None]

[Date: 18 Khordad 1334 (9 June 1955)]


Minutes of the Meeting


The fourteenth meeting of the Committee for Social Safety was held according to the decision of the full membership of the Committee, at the Governorate hall this morning, to study and discuss the decision regarding two accused individuals, namely Samad Khalili and Nasrollah Dehghani. The Commander of the Gendarmerie Battalion, Major Moubed stated that:

“I do not see any need to mention to the present respectable members of the Committee, the behaviour and incitements of Samad Khalili. All the existing reports at the Governorate, at the Court and at the Gendarmerie, indicate that this individual interferes in every matter of Soghad community. As I stated this morning that, with the kind of influence this man had on that locality, he could have calmed the people of Soghad and prevented them from going to Koushkak. His actions have provoked the general emotions of the residents of Soghad. He even roused them to go to Koushkak with the intention of burning properties. He encouraged the people of Soghad to close their businesses so they could be led towards Abadeh and tahasson[1] at the Telegraph Office. All the members of the Committee expressed that he had presented himself at the Governorate as the representative of the people of Soghad, and he spoke about the innocence of the offenders. In any case [illegible] based on the personal information that [the committee] has there is enough evidence to make a decision and agree on a sentence for this insubordinate person. Secondly, with regard to Nasrollah Dehghani, the Alderman of Koushkak, we can declare him to be the main culprit of the blaze [fire] of Koushkak. With the present report, as well as the report of Officer Ahmadpour regarding the general safety, this man, at the moment when the people of Soghad were attacking the village of Koushkak, very cunningly and with special craftiness gathered the law enforcement officers in his house, thus keeping only his own house safe. He did not take any steps to silence and calm the crowd. He only observed the blaze of the other houses. He further, did not fulfil his own lawful obligation as he did not report to the authorities the possibility of future events. Therefore, I [Major Moubed] propose punishment for him according to the law and regulations.”


Decision of the Committee:

After discussing and studying the existing file of Gendarmerie and the reports arrived to the Governorate, as well as the explicit report of Officer Ahmadpour to the Committee, it was unanimously agreed that the actual perpetrators and inciters of the events of the two villages of Soghad and Koushkak are Samad Khalili and Nasrollah Dehghani. According to the paragraph 7 of the Committee of Social Safety agreement, the two mentioned individuals are to be banished for six months and be forced residing in Bandar Abbas.

The Governor of the City of Abadeh: Eftekhari, [Signature]

Head of the Court: Sharafi, [Signature]

Head of the Treasury of Abadeh: Javaheripour, [Signature]

Head of the Gendarmerie Battalion of Abadeh: Major Moubed, [Signature]

Head of the Police of Abadeh: Capitan Azizollah Hekmat, [Signature]



[1] [This was a form of protest, which means to take (refuge in a) sanctuary, it is also used to seek protection]