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Ministry of Education

Department of Education of Provinces,

Number: 5951/23374;

Date: 2/4/1326 [24 June1947]


Head of the Prime Minister’s Office


With reference to letter number 9787 – 21/5/1326, [13 August 1947], containing a copy of the telegraph from Shahi regarding the complaint of the residents about the teachers of that area, we inform you that the telegraph was also transmitted to the Ministry of Education, because of which an order for the investigation of and action to resolve the complaints of the residents has been issued to the Department of Education of Mazandaran Province.


On behalf of Minister of Education, Yazdanfar, [signature], 28/05/1326, [20 August 1947]


[Margin 1:] Reached the Prime Minister’s Office, No. 11700, Date: 7/04/1326, [29 July1947].

[Margin 2:] Mr. Fakhraei, 7/04/1326, [29 July 1947].

[Margin 3:] Archive, 7/04/1326, [29 July 1947].