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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate General of the Third Province

Number: 1190

Date: 10 Tir 1324 [1 July 1945]




Governorate General of the Third Province

I respectfully wish to submit herewith that, as it has previously been pointed out, in the Village of Al‑e Hashem, which is situated within six kilometres of Herowabad, there reside some fifty families of the descendants of the Prophet [Mohammad]. Recently, some disputes between Baha’is and Muslims have erupted and both parties have submitted complaints. In order to deal with the disputes, on one of those days, in the company of a commander of the Gendarmerie, I made a trip to that location and summoned both of the parties, requested them to end their conflict, and [asked them not to] make baseless complaints against each other and disturb the public. I told them, they should know that if you act against the peace and order of the area, you will be punished and prosecuted”. In any case, after a long discussion, and [after I had] encouraged both parties to behave amicably, they stated that from now on they could not live together in the same location. They suggested that one of the parties in the Village of Al-e Hashem, should leave the area. Therefore, they were reminded, at a meeting that was attended by a large number of people, that it would be better if they made peace with each other and refrained from bothering the government officials.

At the same meeting, Seyyed Saleh Rajaie, a Baha’i, who has five or six people as his supporters, requested that other inhabitants of Al‑e Hashem purchase their [interest] properties, and they would leave and move to another village. The matter was conveyed to the other party and they gladly welcomed this suggestion. A written agreement was prepared that both parties would soon assign their evaluators. The Governorate will also dispatch two evaluators to evaluate their properties and to sell and register the transactions at the notary office, so that they would leave the area and move to a neighbouring village, in order to end the dispute. Because both parties concurred with this demand, we did not show any disagreement with their suggestion.

As it was decided, the evaluators were appointed, and with the presence of the representative of the Governorate, we left for the location and prepared the agreement documents to be signed, which are now ready. They want to go to the notary office and complete the transaction [deal].


Now the matter has been submitted to the Governorate General Office for your information and issuance of pertinent orders. Since the residence of these two group in a small location, particularly with the incitement of some individuals, may ultimately lead to an unfortunate incident, the best way to end this dispute in my view would be to agree with both parties’ proposition. Meanwhile, in order to prevent any possible event, the Gendarmerie has been ordered to exercise vigilance and prevent any action contrary to the law and order. Several pledges were also taken from both parties.     


Governor of Khalkhal



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