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Ministry of the Interior


Date:-------Month-----132 [30 Khordad 1326 - 21 June 1947]






This is a copy


Mr. Fereidouni, Acting Minister of the Interior


Pursuant to your letter number 287- [dated:] 20 Khordad 1326 [11 June 1947], we inform you of the following: 

In the past two days, some rumours have been spreading regarding the preaching of Mr. Shaykh Mohammad Bayanol-Hagh against the Baha’is, which has caused concern for public unrest.  In particular, the repeated travels of the above-mentioned individual between Shahi and Sari have created confusion in the public’s mind.  Therefore, on (Wednesday, 30 Khordad 1326 [21 June 1947]) the aforementioned was summoned to the Governorate Office, and in the presence of the head of the police of Mazandaran (Colonel Azadrad), the situation of the place and conditions of the locality were explained to him, and it was made known that anything that would cause disorder in the area must be prevented at all costs.  Subsequently, the aforementioned individual promised not to talk about this matter anymore.  These explanations are provided for your information.  Obviously, any other episodes and the actions taken will be reported to you, as well.


From the Governor of the Second Province, Kheradpisheh, [signature]




Honourable Governor General, Second Province


Based on a report by the Shahi police, on the 12th of the current month [12 Kordad 1326 (3 June 1947)] a preacher by the name of Abdol-Hagh, who had come to Shahi from Tehran a few days ago, talked about the religion of the Baha’is and criticized them at the Shahi mosque.  As a result, the listeners have been provoked and have intended to send telegraphs to the capital and the religious leaders regarding the activities of the Baha’is.  But the continued preaching of the above-mentioned individual and the actions of the residents were prevented by the police.  In addition, the above-mentioned police office says that the residents of Shahi are suspicious of Engineer Shahid-Zadeh, head of Shahi Factories, and Amanollah Behrouzi, head of the local Department of Finance, both of whom are among the leaders of the Baha’is in Shahi.  They believe that the aforementioned engineer has hired a number of Baha’is, in particular, Lotfollah Khosravi, who has had prior criminal convictions, paying them good salaries [and placing them] in sensitive positions in the factories.  These items were reported for your information.


Head of Police, Mazandaran, Colonel Azadrad, signature


M/287- 20 Khordad 1326 [11 June 1947]


The above copy of the report is respectfully presented, in confidence, for the information of the Ministry of the Interior, pursuant to letter number 780- 3 Esfand 1325 [22 February 1947].  We also acknowledge that necessary orders have been issued to the Shahi Governorate Office to prevent any incidents.


From the Governor General of the Second Province, Kheradpisheh, [signature]