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In the Name of God


Department of Fire and safety Services in Kerman

Date: -----

Number: -----

Enclosure: -----


Honorable Chief of Police, station number 16 in Kerman:

With respectful greetings,

In response to letter number 8146/0109, dated 3 Mordad 1387 [24 July 2008], regarding the fire at the residential home of Mr. Mehran Shaker Ardakani, it is conveyed that, based on the assessments and evaluations made by the Department’s specialist, the cause of fire was determined to be arson, by one or more individuals, initiated in three different areas: The roof of the house, the yard, and a side road on the residence’s eastern wall. The fire was started using flammable materials (petroleum, etc.), with intention and motive, causing much damage. 

Ali Kordi

Director of the Department


[Official stamp]

Municipality of City of Kerman

Department of Fire and Safety Services


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