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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[First document]

In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Interior

National Law Enforcement

Telephone number: -----

Number: -----

Date 25 Khordad 1369 [15 June 1990]

Enclosure: -----

From: -----

To: -----

Subject: -----



I wish to respectfully inform you that, today at 12:00 noon, I was assigned by the guard officer to go the location at [redacted], for the investigation. I asked the neighbours, “How long has this house been in possession of Mr. Mojtahedzadeh?” They said one week. Then I went to the occupied place and Mr. Mojtahedzadeh introduced himself as the revolutionary assistant prosecutor and said he would contact the police station. I asked him, “How long have you been living in this place?” He said, “One month, and I have an order to stay in this house”. The report is sent to the guard officer [in charge] for information.


Captain 2 [the Second Sergeant]

Alireza Rahmani Moghaddam



[Handwritten note on top of the page]

6 – 53 – 16

25 Khordad 1369 [15 June 1990]


[Second document]

In the Name of God

Postal Service of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Main Office of the Visual Postal Service

Part A – Section for writing the text or attachments


In the Name of God

The Esteemed Head of the Property Supervision Office of Haj Agha Seraj

[This is to] respectfully convey the following.

I, Shoaiyyeh Miraftab, am the owner of a two-storey building located at [redacted]. I was out of the country for some time, and in my absence my sister, Momtaziyyeh Miraftab, was taking care of my residential home. A few days ago, an individual named Ali Asghar Mojtahedzadeh [moved into] the second floor of my house at the above address; he claims that he was granted the right by the Property Supervision Office to reside there and use the home.

Considering that I returned to Iran some time ago, if, in the absence of this party, the Supervision Office has taken measures to guard and maintain my residential house, certainly, with my presence, these actions must legally be stopped. Since [the above-mentioned] did not evacuate the place on my insistence, and apparently did not announce and report the situation to that office, I therefore announce that I am present [in the country] and request that necessary actions be taken to evacuate and [restore] the second floor of the building to me, and [cancel] any orders and actions regarding my building.


Shoaiyyeh Miraftab


6 Tir 1369 [27 June 1990]

Date: -----

Time: -----

Number of pages: -----

Name and surname of the addressee: Haj Agha Seraj

Complete address of the addressee: Vanak Square – Corner of Shahid Saneie Alley- Number 13

Number: -----

“Visual Postal Services”

The name of the postal unit: -----