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The Office of the Prime Minister;

General Number 43031

Private Number:-----

Folder Number:------

File Number:------

Registration date; 23/11/1325- [12 February 1947]




Mashhad, Provincial Governor General,

A group of citizens of Ferdows have complained by telegraph that the head and staff of the Finance Department in that city have taken advantage of their positions and used the power of government to promote the Baha’i religion, and that a few days ago, during prayer, they took the religious preacher from the great mosque and, with the help of the Gendarmerie, took him out of the city. A copy of the citizens’ telegraph has also been sent directly to the provincial governor general. It is necessary to immediately investigate the matter, prevent any incidents and report the results in order for necessary actions to be taken.


Head of the Office of the Prime Minister, [signature]