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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Early Aban 1330] [Late October 1951]


Confidential and Important


His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah Haj Seyyed Abol-Qasim Kashani,


Respectfully, I convey to the honourable spiritual leader and prompter of the holy, hallowed religion of Islam, and national monitor to the devoted Iranians, that because, within your own blessed statements, which are broadcast by radio and newspapers, the necessity for unity and harmony to reach the purpose, and annihilation of colonialism and curtailing the power of the foreigners [is] of utmost importance to the people of Iran, and advising the Muslims, time and again, that it is a duty of [our people] to keep their composure and not to become the puppet of the foreigner-lovers, the generality of the inhabitants of Najafabad follow the holy intentions of that beloved leader.


Although the wolves who have been disguised as sheep have proposed to bring about division, they have become frustrated. A few days ago, Mr. Abol-Qasim Payandeh, the manager of Saba Magazine, travelled by plane and came to Isfahan and went straight to Najafabad, and privately, with the assistance of his brother, who is the head of the Notary Office, he lured the head of the police force and the head of the judiciary, and by giving money to some wicked [people] and provoking the gullible individuals, caused disputes. As a result, one Baha’i [was] strangled on the farm, and some other Baha’is have been severely beaten. Those who had been commissioned to revolt and cause disorder have encouraged and urged the people to tahasson[1] at the Telegraph Office. Currently, the situation of Najafabad is extremely volatile and it is feared that it might lead to bloodshed, killing and plundering.


For the information of that grand leader, the traitors of the former usurping petroleum company[2] have caused much conflict and contention, and the unfortunate people are not to be blamed. This is being submitted only for your knowledge, and I plead with you, in order not to cause difficulty for this devotee, to please refrain mentioning my name.


On Saturday, Payandeh returned by airplane to Tehran after igniting this fire.


Your devotee,

Seyyed Ahmad Sajjadian [signature] 


[Handwritten Note 1:] 10/8/1330 [2 November 1951], He is God; for the attention of the respected minister of the interior, [this] is hereby submitted, to take appropriate and urgent action to prevent individuals from implementing their goals, to prosecute and punish the perpetrators and seditious in any rank and position, and kindly [report] the results.

Seyyed Abol-Qasim Kashani.

[Handwritten Note 2:] Law Enforcement Office, communicate by providing the background.




[1] [This was a form of protest, which means to take (refuge in a) sanctuary, it is also used to seek protection]

[2] [It refers to British Petroleum Company]