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Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone

Number: 1771

Date: 4 Mordad 1323 [26 July 1944]

Copy of Shahroud’s Report


Ministry - The following telegraphic report is submitted for your blessed knowledge:

For some time past, the Baha’i community, with support and reinforcement from Naderi, the head of the tobacco [company]; Rohbani, the head of Cereal Trading and Food Provisions; Jazbani, a previous employee of Shahroud’s [Department of] Post; Ghobad, the railway employee; Sheidani, an employee of the Roads Department; Khorshidi and Agha-Zadeh, employees of the Education Department of Semnan; and Nabili, an employee of the Food Provisions [Department] of Mashhad, have been organizing private and secret meetings for propagation and have been misleading the ordinary people.

Recently, their propagation [activity] has been disclosed. By taking advantage of their administrative positions, they have organized a Baha’i Club. On the eve of the third of Sha‘ban, birthday of His Holiness the Khames-e Ale-Aba [Imam Hossain], may our souls be a sacrifice to him, Valiyyollah Sobhani, a Baha’i, openly insulted the blessed religion of Islam. This matter has become the cause of general excitement of the Muslims, which might lead to an unexpected event. Although the police headquarters is careful about keeping law and order efficiently, not until these people—each one of whom is in charge of an important office and always in touch with the inhabitants—are transferred from Shahroud to another place, will it be possible to have an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity for the Muslims, or guarantee their own safety.

Submitted for the information. 771 - 3 Mordad 1323 [25 July 1944]




The copy is identical to the original.

[Stamp: Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone]