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Ministry of War

Joint Staff of the Armed Forces

Division 2, Branch 2

Dated: 12 Khordad 1320 [2 June 1941]

Number: 15774/5/5374

Enclosure: A box containing the file




Honourable Prime Minister


In response to your letter number 2782, dated 4 Khordad 1320 [25 May 1941], regarding the Baha’is of Khorramabad, who are openly practicing their religion, we convey the following:  The 6th Legion of Khouzestan Army, which has sent 54 books and papers related to the formation of Baha’i assemblies, reports that the Baha’is have an Administration system (which consists of a spiritual assembly, a youth committee, a women’s committee, a data and statistics committee, and a fund account [treasury]).  This assembly is under the jurisdiction of the Kermanshah Assembly and instructions also come directly to it from Tehran.  They add that it is possible that some of these gatherings may be connected to some of the current issues [sic].  Therefore, we attach the original documents received from the aforementioned Division, so any appropriate action may be carried out by your office.  We request that you inform the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces about the outcome of your actions.


Acting Commander of Joint Staff of the Armed Forces

Major General Zarghami,



[Handwritten Note 1:] Mr. Hayeri, please enclose documents. 13 Khordad 1320 [4 June 1941]


[Handwritten Note 2:] Document enclosed. 3/13

[Handwritten Note 3:] Write to the Minister of Justice and send the file.