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[Handwritten note]

A response received in relation to the complaint of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Urmia concerning persecutions.

3/1/60 [23 March 1981]


In the Name of God,


The greatest wrong and injustice inflicted on you is that at the height of the flourishing of the knowledge of God, you have defiled your garment with polytheism, and ignored the divine position of the Last of the Prophets, and have followed  the individuals who, with utmost shame, proclaimed, “There is none other God but Me, the peerless Prisoner”, and prayed fervently, and keenly wished for the continuation of the domination of the imperialist government of England over the Middle East, which will undoubtedly cause you a loss in this world and the next, and there is no escaping from its consequences unless you repent.  The community of Iran staged a bloody revolution to eradicate the Taghut[1] corruption, an important part of which was executed by you.  [The community] has no intention of tolerating the shame of supporting the founders of polytheism, heresy and corruption before our martyrs and the maimed of [this revolution].  Also, in the constitution of Iran, the recognised religious minorities have been clearly named, and the government also has the duty to grant them the rights stated in the law, [but] the Islamic government has no responsibility toward other religious sects, and their work and employment in government institutions is unlawful.


Appropriate warning was given to the authorities with regards to the Revolutionary Guard’s visits [to your places] while [they are] not accompanied by police officers.


Hossein Taheri

West Azerbaijan Governor General





[1] [An idol, symbol of tyranny, symbolically referring to the Pahlavi king as a tyrant]