The Islamic Republic of Iran

The Judiciary

Office of International Affair


In the Name of God


[Date:] 8 Bahman 72 [28 January 1994]

[Number:] F-B-1009

[Annex:] No

[Address:] BD. Mugheru 27, Et [illegible] 3, 70169 Bucharest, Romania




Dear Sirs,

We were pleased to receive the letter dated July 6th 1993.

We hereby declare that the Cemetery of Bahais in Tehran, has been one of the dozens of deserted Cemeteries existing on the outskirts of Tehran which is now Located within the city area because of urban population growth and urban space development, and like other deserted cemeteries of which a Large number belong to muslims and, few of them belong to others, the Municipality of Tehran for the sake of protection of health and hygiene of citizens, has taken appropriate measures to change their conditions. Thus, permission has been given to persons whose close relatives were buried in those cemeteries to transfer their corpses with the help of Municipality.

We further inform you that a newly built cemetery is at present at their disposal.


[Official stamp]

General Director for International

Affairs of the Judiciary


[Handwritten note date at the bottom of the page] 10 February 1994


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