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Response to a Sharia question

30 Tir 1395 [20 July 2016]

Name: Nima

Subject: business and occupation

Religious Opinion Enquiry: 5f4c1c3a05fccb138cd f8b2402ef5b


In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

God’s Peace, Mercy and Bounties be upon you


[Question:] Can non-Muslim Iranian citizens who have the necessary work permits and follow the civil laws of the Islamic Republic, as well as its business rules and regulations, work as every Muslim Iranian does?  Or are there limitations and certain rules of law applicable to such citizens?


[Answer:] Generally speaking, these sorts of affairs follow certain laws and orders. Violation of them is not permissible. If there is no lawful prohibition, there is no problem with their working.

May you be confirmed and succeed!


[Handwritten note:] From Ayatollah Khamenei