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Office: Southern



Ministry of the Interior


Copy: ------ Number 28506 Dated: 1 Shahrivar 1305 [24 August 1926] Ministry/Department: The original was recorded under number: ------

Esteemed Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

We received your letter number 11052 with its attachments regarding Jahrom. The issue as covered in America and Europe is completely unfounded. A group of people, in order to present the issue as important and pretend themselves to be oppressed in the eyes of the world, have turned their attention to these lies and slanders. As previously stated, there have been local enmities and conflicts for a long time between these two groups of residents in Jahrom, and the government authorities have continuously monitored the situation to make sure no clashes happen between the two opposite groups.

A few months ago, based on those same local enmities, there was a fight between the two groups [in which] seven individuals were killed and a few people from both sides were injured. As soon as the incident happened, military and security forces and Fars Province authorities went to the place of the incident and arrested some of the perpetrators and instigators and brought them under watch to Shiraz. A few of them have fled and the agents are pursuing them.

Obviously, upon the completion of the investigations and interrogations, each of the perpetrators and instigators will be punished. This incident has not been related to religious conflicts in any way, and so much idle talk around it is not warranted. Although a group of anarchists have tried, based on certain interests, to impute religious aspects to this incident, the truth of the matter and the efforts to prevent such demonstrations have not given them a chance. The representatives of the government in Europe and America must definitely deny these reports. Obviously, your esteemed ministry will issue appropriate orders.


The Ministry of the Interior

Copy is identical to the original [signature]