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Ministry of the Interior

Intelligence Office

Date: 14 Aban 1329 [5 November 1950]

Number: 8669

Attachment: ----

Mr.Katebi 15 Aban [1329] [6 November 1950]

In response to the communication regarding letters and figures complementary with the numbers, only use numbers.


Law Enforcement Department,

Below find the telegraphic report of Boroujen, dated 10 Aban 1329 [1 November 1950]:

In recent days the rumours of activities and animosity between Muslims and the Baha’i sect have spread, and there are complaints regarding the gendarmerie commander Lieutenant Hakimi, who supports the Baha’is. Both parties strive with utmost strength against each other. Mr. [illegible] Mir-Hadi, the commander of the gendarmerie, with the application of principle four (4) and his good and unbiased behaviour, is preventing any kind of unfortunate incident. It is expected that conditions will perfectly improve%


On behalf of the Director of the Office of Information and Statistics



[Handwritten note on top of the page:] Mr. Katebi -15 Aban 1329 [6 November 1950]

[Handwritten note under the letter] 15434/N - 15 Aban 1329 [6 November 1950]