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On this day, Ms. Nezakat Momtazi (mother of the Gorj-Ali Momtazi) goes to the court and state her request in writing and the text is as follows:

His Excellency the religious leader of Shiraz,

I respectfully inform you that my son, named Gorj-Ali Momtazi, had a motorbike accident in Bahman 1360 [February 1982]. His wounds/illness lasted until the New Year [March 1982], and ultimately resulted in him losing his sense of smell. We decided to take him to Tehran where there are greater prospects for treatment, so we left some valuables of his wife and children, as well as his passport which has been cancelled, at the home of one of our [family’s] friends.

The brothers of [Gorj-Ali Momtazi] went to search the home of these friends and they saw his passport and retrieved it.

On 30 Ordibehesht 1361 [20 May 1982] he [Mr. Momtazi] was summoned to court and following interrogation, was sentenced to temporary imprisonment. He is in been in prison for some 15 months now. He has charge of [the affairs of] our entire family and several of us depend on him. He is also in charge of certain work that he alone can attend to. I wish to respectfully request that his situation be taken account of and that he be released. You are of course aware that he himself, in two letters [to you] dated 8 Esfand 1361 [27 February 1983] and 18 Esfand 1361 [9 March 1983], has personally requested to be released, if even for a couple of months. We would be very grateful if this could be approved, and you would make a family very happy.


Nezakat Momtazi

[Official stamp with number and date]

Recorded in the office of the Imam Jomeh [Friday Prayer Leader] of Shiraz

Number: 5208

Date: 16 Mordad 1366 [07 August 1987]


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File number 61 73/11

Substitute – Gorj-Ali Momtazi