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Social Security Organization


Islamic Republic of Iran

Number: 17346

Date: 4 Tir 1370 [25 June 1991]

Enclosure: -----


Social Security Organization - Fars Province

In the Name of God

To: Mr. Abbas-Ali Zareian Jahromi, Shiraz [redacted]

From: Branch 3 - Shiraz

Subject: Complaint


In response to your letter of complaint dated 4 Tir 1370 [25 June 1991], be informed that suspension of your retirement benefits was based on verdict (number HTBP=348/2482, dated 2 Mehr 1362 [24 September 1983]) decided by the Review Panel for the Restructuring of Human Resources for the Ministry of Oil, as well as the order (number 4142, dated 9 Aban 1361 [31 October 1982]), of the Office of Retirement Affairs. Unfortunately, no action can be taken through this branch.0/R4/4

Branch 3 - Shiraz

[Name] [illegible]

[Signature over official stamp]