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From: Ministry of National Defence - (AJ) ‘A [Army of Islamic Republic – Belief]

To: Head of SAMAJA [ Joint Staff of the Army of the Islamic Republic] (AJ- Employment Office of Commanders)

Subject: Baha’i Personnel

Further to communications number 1600-01-21, 25 Bahman 1358 [14 February 1980], and number: 402- 4/28, 15 Esfand 1958 [5 March 1980]


Confidential – Urgent Action

According to the legal bill annexed to the note of the proposed law concerning not employing those who are not believers in one of the official religions, approved in the meeting dated 5 Dey 1358 [26 December 1979] by the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Council, it has been stipulated that if, according to the findings of the Ministry of National Defence, those individuals who fall under note 1 of the mentioned law have not been propagating any ideology during their service and have been sincerely performing their duties, with a written declaration indicating [that they are not] active in propagating a belief, can become retired or be redeemed, according to their years of service. 

Based on the above communication, it is requested that the contents of communication number 402-04-93-54, dated 5 Esfand 1358 [24 February 1980] of the Ministry of National Defence be ignored, and with regard to the relevant personnel, action be taken as per following description:

  1. Those serving personnel, who, owing to being Baha’i, have been and are becoming dismissed from service, should return to the relevant organization (place of service before being dismissed), and after making a written declaration stating that they will not engage in the propagation and activity of any belief, can request retirement or redemption according to their years of service, (more than 15 years to become retired and less than 15 years to be redeemed), and the relevant organization, by affirming that the said employee, during their service, has not been engaged in propagation of any belief, should report it to the higher-ranking authorities. The required reports should be sent in hierarchical order through the Joint Staff of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran after the approval of the SAMAJA Committee, for final action, to the adjutant of the Ministry of National Defence, so that the necessary decision regarding the retirement or redemption of the interested personnel can be taken.
  2. The retired personnel whose retirement salary has been suspended should return to the Office of Retirement and Insurance and declare that they have not been engaged in propagating any belief  in the past and will not do so in the future, so that, should the SAMAJA Committee approve, subsequent to the approval of the Ministry of National Defence through the adjutant of the Ministry of National Defence, action can be taken to re-establish their pension fund.

Minister of National Defence, Dr. Mostafa Chamran

A copy of the above description, further to communication number 318- 202-03- 123, dated 14 Esfand 1358 [4 March 1980], is submitted to the company’s employee council. Considering the issued instruction, please inform the management of the final result of the decisions taken.

Also, as per this same numbered document, the four Baha’i employees have been notified to present themselves at that council during office working hours. 

On behalf of the manager of administrative affairs, Hosein Mostaghasi


10 Farvardin 1359 [30 March 1980]


  1. Office of the General Manager of the company to inform employee Leyla Safaiepour
  2. Supporting Management and Residence to inform employee Shahidollah Molla-Aghaie
  3. Material Management to inform employee Nazanin Samimi
  4. Quality Control Management to inform employee Ataollah Firouzian

[Handwritten note, number and date on the top of the page]

318 – 402 – 03 -149

10 Farvardin 1359 [30 March 1980]