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State Organization of Forestry and Rangelands

In the Name of God

Date 27/12/1359 [18 March 1981]

Number: 24175/100/32

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Mr. Hosein Fateri

In response to the request dated 1/11/1369 [21 January 1991], you are informed of  the discontinuation of your pension payment based on the suggestion of the Cleansing and Purification Panel of the former Ministry of Agriculture, in carrying out the regulation dated 13/3/1360 [3 June 1981] of the former [minister of agriculture], for the reason of your membership in the Baha’i sect; therefore, in considering the above mentioned matters, there is no available accreditation for your pension payment to be established.  Kh

Mohammad Kazim Pahlavan Meli, Deputy Financial and Administrative Officer


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