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Islamic Republic of Iran

Mottahedin University


Date: 28/4/1361 [19 July 1982]

Number: 1020


In the Name of God


Mrs. Farah Baghi [illegible]


This University is unable to enroll you pursuant to the report and request of the Admissions Council  and in accordance with subsection 1 of section 11 of circular number 1/11331 dated 7/7/1360 [29 September 1981] of the Ministry of Higher Education, owing to your affiliation with the perverse Baha’i sect. In order to be enrolled you must declare your non-affiliation with this sect in the presence of a trusted cleric and also publish your disavowal in a widely distributed newspaper.

Please present yourself at the Office of Academic Jihad at Al Zahra University on 5/5/1361 [27 July 1982]  between 8.00-12.00 noon to pursue the status of your enrolment.


Jihad Daneshgahi Organisation - Management Council

Al Zahra University

Mottahedin University

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